Friday, October 22, 2021

Jibril calls for the participation of the private sector to achieve economic stability

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Dubai, 10-14-2021 (SUNA) – Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, called for the participation of the private sector of Sudanese businessmen in the countries of diaspora and diaspora, in developing the economy, encouraging local production and developing the export sector, to raise the added value to contribute to achieving stability. Economic.
During his address today, the Minister of Finance announced the enlightening meeting organized by the Sudanese Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General in Dubai, in the presence of Nabawiya Mahjoub, Commissioner-General of the Sudan Pavilion at Expo 2020, the diplomatic mission in Dubai, heads of Sudanese club councils in the UAE, and Sudanese businessmen and media professionals in the UAE. The UAE heralded the decline in inflation rates and the high productivity of wheat, corn and cotton crops, and interest in manufacturing industries and the revival of the textile industry.

The Minister of Finance described the enormous natural resources that Sudan is rich in, which qualifies it to achieve development, reassured of the trend towards democratic transformation, and announcing all parties to hand over the elected government.

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Jibril pointed to the good arrangement in the Sudan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, calling on everyone to join hands with the Sudan Pavilion Committee at Expo, and the need for the Sudanese community in the UAE to play a major role in the exhibition, which is considered a distinct window for partnerships and to attract Sudanese investors.

He added that Sudan’s participation in the Expo is a rare opportunity, through which we are keen to meet the private sector with foreign investment and market Sudanese products, to produce great results, especially since the people of Sudan hope a lot from the Expo, adding by encouraging the national capital to establish financial portfolios, and to seek the assistance of Sudanese experts to manage the stock exchange. gold.

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Jibril referred to the Sudanese government’s contribution to the Sudan Pavilion at the Expo, pointing out that the competent authorities were directed to quickly hand over the funds to the committee to complete the liabilities. He added, “Anyone who squandered money on the Expo file will be held accountable.”

He drew attention to the government’s efforts to solve administrative problems in the investment sector, end the role of intermediaries between investors, and seek to create a single window to open a wide field for investment and local pharmaceutical manufacturing, noting that treatment abroad costs $2 billion annually, and the future is promising for health investments in Sudan, pointing out To the implementation of the digital economy in the Ministry of Finance, and the establishment of a new financial system, in light of the changes that affected investment and corruption laws.

He praised the efforts of the expatriates in remittances, which amounted to $770 million, hoping to maintain the exchange rate and invest the money in building supplies and achieving sustainable development.

Jibril praised the efforts of the consulate and the building owned by the Sudanese government, pointing out that it is an effort for the Sudanese community and a legacy for Sudan.

On the problem of expatriate passports, he stressed the financial contribution to the printing of passports and sending teams, and working to address all problems, indicating that the increase in fees was accompanied by the validity of the passport to 10 years, in order to facilitate the expatriates, and there is support for some segments to extract their passports.

He said that the incentives for expatriates, and the decisions that came to ship cars before the cancellation of the customs dollar, stressing that the Ministry of Finance has put in place new controls to restrict the exception granted to the expatriate segment, and allow them to import small cars, pointing to the interest in reviving Sudan Airways, and buying planes to serve travelers and to export meat. .

In response to the questions of the heads of the Sudanese club councils in the UAE about investment, the Minister of Finance said, “We do not sell dreams, we must persevere, and the investment environment is bad, but we want to seize investment opportunities, in the field of ports, water and electricity.”

In his response to the appeal of the director of Al-Nilein Bank, Fath Al-Qassem, to work on overcoming difficulties, to facilitate the opening of the Dubai and Sharjah branches, Jibril referred to communication with the competent authorities in the UAE to open the two branches, praising the efforts of the bank in the UAE.

For his part, Minister Plenipotentiary Ahmed Abdel Rahman, the Acting Consul General, welcomed the Minister of Finance, noting that official diplomacy is the arm of popular diplomacy, adding that it is necessary to come up with an insightful vision of the turning point the country is witnessing.
He said that Sudanese minds abroad have suffered from many problems, hoping to restore confidence to the expatriate segment.

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