Saturday, October 23, 2021

Pearl culture in Sudan… Marketing obstacles

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Khartoum: Hanadi Al-Nur

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Many capitals tend to invest their savings in gold, as it is the most safe and secure investment that reduces the risks to which they are exposed to the value of other investments, in order to protect against the deterioration in the exchange rate and inflation facing some economies. Therefore, the investment team of the Khartoum Gold and Minerals Company (Salaka) decided to set up a workshop on pearl culture in Sudan, as pearls are an important economic resource that absorbs the increase in production without affecting prices.

support the economy

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For his part, the Director-General of the General Authority for Geological Research, Othman Hassan Abdel Qader, affirmed the government’s interest in the mining sector, which is an economic resource that contributes to supporting the national economy and supplies the state’s sorrow with hard currencies. Lots of stones and sand and pointed out the importance of development and use of modern technologies in the process of geological exploration in the country.

Replenish the treasury..

Meanwhile, the general manager of the company, Dr. Essam El-Din Al-Mahi, said that a strategy has been developed for work that works on the system of centers for the trade of precious stones, according to an ambitious plan for the manufacture of gold in Africa, and pointed out that Sudan is considered the ninth in the world in the process of pearl culture, but he did not benefit from that in supplying the treasury. The state and therefore the company aimed to have the largest reserves of gold and excluded the traditional method of work that was previously done by bringing flour and other things, while stressing that the plan is to provide the largest reserves of gold in the country, and indicated that there is a plan to study a virtual currency of gold. He cautioned that Sabaeq Company is expected to turn into a public joint stock company, adding that if a gold exchange is found, it will be the biggest supporter of achieving an added value for the country’s economy, by building a reserve to help the Central Bank.


In the same direction, Omar Al-Taj Omar, a member of the Faculty of Petroleum at the University of Al-Neelain, presented a paper on pearl culture, speaking about the appropriate environment, size, and degree of luster, in addition to choosing specifications and the appropriate place, stressing that quality standards are according to size and weight, in addition to the need to distinguish between natural and industrial, and added that the culture places must be protected. He pointed out that China is the largest producer of freshwater pearls, and added that there are 16 producing countries around the world, including Sudan, but the caliber in it is unhealthy. Specific, whose price may reach more than 10 thousand dollars, is also sold as a powder at high prices. He stressed that pearl culture in Sudan faces a problem in the lack of accurate prediction and lack of control over climatic conditions, in addition to the lack of marketable quantities with high quality, and stressed the need to place the product in a place where sunlight does not reach and keep it at a low degree of humidity.

hard life …

As the former Minister of Minerals d. Muhammad Abu Fatima pointed to the importance of this mineral, which is considered one of the silent minerals, and there are many industrial and rare minerals that we must focus on. Exploiting and controlling these resources according to planning, smart companies and strict policies.

Added Value ..

The former director of the Geological Research Authority, Dr. Youssef Al-Samani, the importance of introducing aquaculture into the value chain of these minerals, especially in the field of precious stones. Youssef urged the private sector to invest in this sector in terms of the opportunities available to exploit the resources in the Red Sea, but he attributed that there are some obstacles, including the use of technology, stressing its importance to access markets He added that it is necessary to stay away from negative indicators, especially since the rate of production and success reaches only 5%, and therefore it is necessary to take into account specific standards in the quality of pearls and the indicators that determine the price in the market.

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