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Actress Noshin Shah speaks –

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KARACHI: Actress Noshin Shah, who has shown the essence of her talents in Pakistani dramas, has sharply criticized the Indian film actress and commented on her teeth.

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Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Noshin Shah does not like to compare herself with Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor which is the reason why she said that Kareena Kapoor has very big teeth.

In an interview on a web show, Noshin Shah said in response to a question that his fans compare him to Kareena Kapoor. The show’s host Tabish Hashmi gave a ridiculous response to the actress’ statement.

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In response, Noshin Shah said that when he found out that he was being compared to Kareena Kapoor, he had the same reaction to which the host Tabish Hashmi said no, by the way, you are a bit like Kareena Kapoor. It seems so.

Actress Noshin Shah disagreed with Tabish Hashmi while talking during the program. She said no! He has very big teeth.

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It is to be noted that Noshin Shah had recently shared a meme on his Instagram story in which he was compared to actress Kareena Kapoor. Social media users had termed Noshin Shah as Kareena Kapoor’s third sister.


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