Friday, September 24, 2021

Darfshan’s post goes viral at the end of ‘Pardes’

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Karachi: ARY Digital’s drama serial ‘Pardis’ came to an end yesterday. Actress Darfshan (Ayman), who played the lead role at the end of the drama, shared a post which went viral.

Actress Darfshan, who won the hearts of fans by playing the positive role of Ayman in the drama serial Pardes, shared her beautiful photo on social media platform Instagram which is being appreciated by the fans.

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Darfshan wrote ‘Lagan’ in the caption with the picture, Laila Wasti also liked the picture of the actress.

In another post, the actress shared a photo with Affan Waheed, a co-star of a foreign drama, in which both the actors can be seen in a happy mood.

Darfshan praised Shaista Lodhi, who played the role of mother in the play, and wrote, “You are very good. It was great to work with you.”

The actress thanked Affan Waheed and said that if it was not for your guidance, I would not have performed so well.

Darfshan also praised Atiqa Odho, Gohar Rashid and other actors who played Affan Waheed’s mother in the play and wrote that it is an honor to work with senior actors like you.

It should be noted that in the last episode of Pardes drama, it was shown that Affan Waheed (Ibad) talks about leaving Darfshan (Ayman) and going to London again, so he demands a divorce from Was.

But in the end, when Aiman ​​arrives home, she asks, “You haven’t gone.” That you are a part of my every dream, when you are not the only one, I do not have to see such dreams, nor do I need the interpretation of these dreams.

Abandoning his intention to go to London, Ibad says that now we will stay and work in this country.

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