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Discussions of Sajjad Ali’s video ‘Clouds come and return, don’t come and return’ – IG News

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Celebrities appear to be quite active on social networking sites to keep in touch with fans, with the aim of keeping in touch with fans from time to time and informing them about their work or life.

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Social media users and especially fans not only love photos and videos but are also happy to see their loved ones in a new guise.

Today we are talking about the famous singer Sajjad Ali who shared a video on social media website Twitter while singing during the rain.

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In the video it can be seen that Sajjad Ali is soaking in the rain and is busy humming while enjoying the rain.

The lyrics of the song sung by the singer are as follows, ‘Clouds come and go, you don’t come and return, you keep your faithfulness, you keep your faithfulness.

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The singer shared a video an hour ago which is being liked and commented on by a large number of fans.

One user wrote, “Looking at you reminds me of my childhood. The problem is that I am old and you are still the same. May Allah keep you happy like this.”

Another user praised Sajjad Ali’s singing and wrote, “There is sweetness in your voice, may Allah keep you safe and sound.” Amen. ‘


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