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Is this the most expensive ice cream in the world? – IG News

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After the world’s most expensive burger, 23 carats of edible gold, saffron and truffle ‘Black Diamond’ extremely expensive ice cream blew the minds of consumers.

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When you hear the name of ice cream, the idea of ​​a sweet and cool thing comes to mind which calms the heart and mind, but if you are told that a piece of ice cream (scope) costs 60 thousand rupees, then surely your heart and mind. The brain will want to eat this ice cream but will be hesitant.

Black Diamond is no ordinary vanilla ice cream but it is made from 23 carat gold, saffron and other precious accessories and is presented in an excellent bowl which costs three thousand dirhams or 60 thousand rupees.

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Actor, VJ and travel v-lager Shahnaz ate the ice cream during a tour of Dubai and shared the taste with his fans.


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