Friday, September 24, 2021

Mention of Dante, who was given eternal life by “Divine Comedy” –

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Dante Rosetti, of Italian descent, is considered by the world to be a poet, prose writer, philosopher and intellectual whose father came to England from Italy as a political refugee and settled there after marriage.

The same man’s son was known around the world as Dante. Dante was born in 1265 into a poor family in Florence, Italy, and later moved to England.

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The father arrived in England and started working as an Italian language professor at King’s College London and married a girl from an Italian family whose mother was English. Thus, Italian as well as polite and standard English began to be spoken fluently and fluently at home.

Born to be a couple, Dante Gabriel Rosette studied at King’s College London, where his father was a professor. During this time Dante became interested in painting and mastered watercolor painting. He then studied painting at the Royal Academy in London. There was a natural attachment to poetry. Shakespeare, Goethe and Byron were his favorite poets. Dante used both painting and poetry as a means of satisfying his aesthetic tastes and expressing his ideas.

At the age of twenty, he translated the works of many Italian poets into English, in addition to natural poetry. When it became well-known, young people who loved science and art joined its circle.

His hometown is the allegorical poem “Divine Comedy” which is still being debated. In his poems, Dante narrates his love story and love themes in a very beautiful way and love is the center and axis in his thoughts and ideas. Dante made love his power and laid the foundation of his philosophy of life and poetry.

The pages of history show that Dante died on this day in 1321 AD.


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