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Mention of Ibn Zuhr of Andalusia who is called the Perfect Physician – – IG News

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Nearly a thousand years ago, while the continent of Europe heard stories of the bravery and courage of the Muslims, it also saw the flag of the Khilafah and the Islamic Emirate being raised in Andalusia, which patronized science and art and under its shadow industry and craft. Great and unforgettable achievements were made in the field of ideal development and discovery and invention.

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Andalusia of the same period, where it tells us a glorious story of glory, terror and the rise and fall of the empire, also puts before us the works of the Muslim scientists of that time, which later led to other nations of Europe. Took full advantage of

Ibn Zuhr (Zuhr) was a member of a family in Andalusia who became famous in various periods in science and literature, religion and medicine.

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Ibn Zuhr was a serious and authoritative scholar and a learned physician. Muslim and non-Muslim European historians have described him as an expert in medicine, theology, jurisprudence, and literature. However, the reason for his worldwide fame is the science of medicine for which his elders and other family members were also famous.

Zuhr’s full family name was Ibn Zuhr bin Abu Marwan Abdul Malik bin Abi Al-Ali Zuhr. He was born in Seville in 1091. Ibn Zuhr is known to Orientalists as Avenzoar.

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Ibn Zuhr discovered the cure for many diseases through experiments and research and wrote many books in which the details of diseases and medicine are preserved. He first performed respiratory tract surgery and performed dietary experiments. They experimented with artificial nutrition from the throat and esophagus. He gained a lot of respect and fame because of his experiences and discoveries.

Ibn Zuhr has narrated his observations and experiences while researching the condition of various organs of the body and medical complaints and complications besides digestive and gastrointestinal diseases. Details of the discoveries and revelations of this Muslim scientist and physician regarding diseases and treatments can be obtained from his books.

His famous medical works are Kitab al-Tayseer fi al-Madawat wa al-Tadbir, Kitab al-Aqtisad fi al-Islah al-Nafs wa al-Jasad. These books have been translated into many languages ​​of the world. The year of death of Ibn Zuhr is stated to be 1161.


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