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The story of the tragic end of the famous dancer and infamous woman –

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Angela Isa Dora Duncan was considered a legend in the world of dance, but the American dancer gained fame not only because of her art but also as a very liberal, independent, fearless and fearless woman.

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She was born on May 26, 1878, in San Francisco, USA. He moved to Chicago in 1899 with his mother and brother.

Isa Dora Duncan was a fan of fine arts, art and dance. She had mastered dance with constant exercise and practice, and moved to Chicago to perform. The fame of his art soon spread to New York and he had the opportunity to perform on stage.

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She moved with her family to London, UK in 1900, where she entertained people with her dance. By this time she had made a name for herself and now the members of the royal family, princes and celebrities loved to watch her dance and were among her fans.

Although this form of women in various sections of society was unacceptable and confined to the home in the United States and London at the time, Aisa was fearless, fearless and shamefully liberal. He did not care to maintain his reputation and avoid scandal.

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Her love affair with a designer in London was in full swing. The designer’s name was Gordon Craig, whom Isa Dora did not marry, but the fearless dancer gave birth to a baby girl. In 1905 she became the mother of a daughter and in 1910 a wealthy businessman fell in love with her. His name was Pir Singer. Aisa also fell in love with him and in 1910 Aisa Dora gave birth to a child.

Aisa Dora was no longer free, fearless and fearless, but had lost her way and her dance had tarnished her reputation. Unfortunately, both of her children died suddenly in 1913. He drowned and died, which shocked Aisa Dora and she began to think of it as a punishment for her actions, but for a long time she could not keep herself tied to this idea.

She moved to Russia in 1922 and married a poet who did not last long. The reason for this was Isa Dora’s free nature and integrity. She could not adapt to society and culture, and restrictions on her marriage forced her to divorce in 1924. Her husband, on the other hand, preferred to embrace death after the separation. She committed suicide in 1925. Isa Dora died in a car accident on September 14, 1927, three years after the divorce.

Isa Dora wrote her autobiography, My Life, in which she articulated her misdeeds with her principles and ideas about life. The book was published after the death of Isa Dora.

A film has also been made on the life of Isa Dora, in which the famous actress Vasanya Red Grave played the role of this famous dancer of her time.


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