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Was the poet’s death the result of suicide or just an accident? –

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It is said that Sarwat Hussain had committed suicide. And this idea is reinforced by his poem:

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One of the attractions of the beast of death is wealth
People say anything about suicide

On September 9, 1996, the driver of a train passing through Quaid-e-Azam did not know that a person named Sarwat Hussain would deliberately embrace death or accidentally fall under the train. No one can say for sure if he committed suicide or if it was an accident. But on this day, the life of Sarwat Hussain, a well-known Urdu and Punjabi poet, was closed forever.

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It is also said that he was in love with a famous poetess, whose selflessness pushed him towards despair and boredom and so he decided to leave life alone.

Sarwat Hussain is called a master poet. His father had migrated from Badaun to Karachi. Sarwat opened his eyes in November 1949 in Karachi. He lived in Malir, then considered a suburb. After completing his primary education from Government Boys Primary School, Malir Cantt, he graduated from Allama Iqbal College, Old Airport. Oh what Poetry had become a hobby since school days, but regular poetry began in college, where he continued to participate in baiting and poetry recitals.

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At the same time, he started sending his poetry to various dailies and magazines which were published, which was both encouraging and joyful.

Later, M. from Karachi University. O Urdu certificate obtained. During this period he was recognized in the literary circles of Karachi. He was invited to literary events, poetry readings and Radio Pakistan literary programs.

Sarwat Hussain got a job as a lecturer in Jamia Millia College, Malir, after which he got an opportunity to work in educational institutions in Larkana and Hyderabad and then transferred to the same college from where he started his teaching journey.

Sarwat Hussain’s style is unique and his speech is adorned with beautiful words. His lyrics and poems are also unique in terms of their themes and with rare ideas this word is also fascinating and meaningful. Sarwat also credited prose poetry.

His first collection, Hemisphere, was published in 1989 and was well-received in literary circles. The second book, Khak Dan, was published in 1998 after his death.

A ghazal by Sarwat Hussain is a gift of your reading taste.

The tide remained with the nomads
There was a cloud and the water stayed with the fairies
I don’t know who I was
Stay with flowers, leaves and candles
Meet and part ways
The same story happened with the men
That sun was shining in the morning
Stay with all your resentments
Everyone went very light, very transparent
The river was polluted


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