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When will ‘Ek Hai Nigar’ be released? The date has come

The telefilm ‘Ek Hai Nigar’ about the life of the first three star Lieutenant General Nigar to be deployed in the Pakistan Army will be aired on ARY Digital on Saturday, October 23 at 8 pm.

Adnan Sarwar directed the telefilm ‘Ek Hai Nigar’ while the story and script were written by Umairah Ahmed. The cast of the film includes actress Mahira Khan, Sohail Sameer, Bilal Ashraf and Khushal Khan.

The telefilm will air on Saturday, October 23 at 8pm on ARY Digital.

Leading Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has played the role of “Lieutenant General Nigar Johar” in the telefilm.

Actress Mahira Khan shared a post on Instagram with a photo and video sharing app titled ‘Telefilm’. The actress’ post is being appreciated by fellow artists and fans.

“Our pride,” wrote actress Hira Mani. “I can’t wait to see the telefilm,” said singer Hadiqa Kayani.

A look at Lt. Gen. Nigar Johar’s career

Lt. Gen. Nigar Johar is a graduate of the Army Medical College and has extensive experience in leading the Pakistan Army in administrative and various matters in a career spanning nearly three decades.

He holds an MCPS in Family Medicine, an MSc in Advanced Medical Administration and a Masters in Public Health.

Lt. Gen. Nigar Johar has also done several other courses and is the National Instructor on Emergency Preparedness Matters in Hospitals.

She is also the first Pakistani woman to reach the rank of Lieutenant General in the Pakistan Army.

She was also awarded the Imtiaz Military Medal and the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal by the Prime Minister of Pakistan for her outstanding services to the Army Medical Corps.

She has been honored to serve as Pakistan’s first woman in a number of positions in the Pakistan Army, including commanding a post-independence unit and hospital in the Pakistan Army.

Lt. Gen. Nigar Johar had taken command of CMH Jhelum as a Brigadier and is now commanding the Emirates Military Hospital Rawalpindi, the largest hospital in the Armed Forces.