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Beware of ‘tea bag’ tea drinkers

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Tea bags are used for tea all over the world, but scientists have warned tea drinkers against tea bags.

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German scientists say tea bags contain ingredients that could be harmful to human health.

German researchers say the paper from which the tea bag is made contains substances harmful to human health and in some cases can even cause cancer.

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According to the report, German scientists say that the tea bags of six companies were tested differently for the research, of which three were from the expensive company and three were from the cheap company. The research revealed that at least four of them Ingredients were included in the pesticides.

Research has shown that a substance called ‘epichlorohydine’ is included in the paper used for tea bags and this is what makes it harmful to health.

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According to German scientists, wrapping tea bags in bags and putting them in boiling water contains harmful substances that can cause cancer.

Researchers say that using the leaf directly is much better than using a packet.


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