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How long can the modern vaccine protect? –

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Various studies have been conducted on how long the vaccine can protect against the disease, but recently another new study has pointed it out.

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According to an international website, research by the La Jolla Institute of Immunology in the United States has found that the effect of a low-dose dose of the modern vaccine lasts for at least 6 months and that those who are vaccinated need to be given extra food. Not required.

Research shows that this is a very important time because real immune memory begins to form during this time.

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According to research, the solid CD4 plus helper TC, CD8 plus color T cell and antibody response to the modern code vaccine persists for at least 6 months after vaccination is completed.

This indicates that the immune response to the disease may last longer.

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Research has also shown that this solid immune system is maintained in all age groups, including people over 70, who are at higher risk of developing the disease.

Experts say that this immune system remains stable, which is impressive, which is a good indication that MRNA vaccines are long lasting.

The study examined data from individuals who had been given a 25-microgram dose of the modern vaccine in the first phase of a clinical trial.

“We wanted to see if using a quarter of a diet would trigger an immune response,” the experts said.

“We had the opportunity to obtain samples from people in the first phase of the modern vaccine clinical trial who had been given 25, 25 microgram injections of the vaccine at 28-day intervals,” he said.

People are given a dose of 100 micrograms of the modern vaccine and it is not known at first how beneficial a small dose is.

But now this new study found that even small doses produce the same T-cell and antibody response as the standard dose, and that this persists for several months.


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