Friday, September 24, 2021

Azerbaijan hosts special military exercises, involving Pakistani and Turkish forces

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Rawalpindi: Azerbaijan is hosting military exercises, including the Pakistan Army Special Forces.

According to a statement issued by the Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR), Azerbaijan is hosting three national military exercises in Baku.

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According to ISPR, the exercises are being conducted under the name of ‘Brotherhood’, in which special forces of Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey are participating.

According to a Pakistan Army spokesman, the exercises began on September 11 and will continue until September 22. Military exercises have been conducted exclusively for counter-terrorism.

The purpose of these military exercises is to enhance cooperation between the forces of the three countries and to exchange information based on experience.

It should be noted that Turkey and Azerbaijan held five-day military exercises in Baku earlier this year.

Earlier last year, Turkish and Azerbaijani military exercises took place in Ankara after the Armenian army occupied the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.


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