Friday, September 17, 2021
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Candidate’s request to withhold results and recount rejected

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LAHORE: The High Court (HC) has directed the Walton Cantonment Board to stop the results of the candidates in the elections and reject the request for recount and approach the relevant forum.

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According to details, the petition of candidate Javed Zameer was heard in Walton Cantonment Ward No. 5 in Lahore High Court. Justice Shams Mahmood Mirza dismissed the petition as inadmissible.

The court said that the election results have been declared, refer to the relevant forum.

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The petitioner said that the cantonment board election was defeated by 12 votes in ward no. 5, the number of rejected votes is more than the number of votes lost.

It may be recalled that Raja Noor Sobhani from Walton Ward No. 5 had won with 1,850 votes, (R) Major Javed Zameer had got 1,838 votes.


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