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Gathers no-confidence motion against Jam Kamal

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QUETTA: Opposition parties have filed a no-confidence motion against the Balochistan Chief Minister in the Secretariat.

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According to ARY News, 16 members of Balochistan’s opposition parties have signed a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Jam Kamal.

A four-point no-confidence motion has been filed in the office of the Secretary Assembly. Opposition members in the movement said that the Chief Minister’s performance in the last three years was the worst, in which case he has no right to govern.

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Opposition members said that the current situation in Afghanistan is such that everyone wants to overthrow the government. The market for instability, corruption and looting is hot in the province.

Opposition members demanded that the required number of resolutions be reached. A meeting will be convened on it in 7 days. The required number will not be brought forward yet.

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Remember that Many members of Balochistan’s ruling party have resigned due to internal differences. Ruling party’s Speaker Provincial Assembly Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo is also angry with the Chief Minister. Balochistan Education Minister Sardar Mohammad Darand has also resigned. Besides, Saleh Bhootani of BAP has also resigned to withdraw his portfolio.

According to sources, Fisheries Advisor Akbar Askani has also decided to resign. Akbar Askani also criticized Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal and said that the promises made by the Chief Minister are not being fulfilled.

It may be recalled that there has been a rift between Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal and Speaker Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo for the last two years, which arose when Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal called on the Chief Minister’s inspection team to inspect the development works in Awaran. Sent to

Some time ago, when the words of no-confidence against the Chief Minister of Balochistan gained momentum, the gulf of differences between the Speaker of the Balochistan Assembly and the Chief Minister also widened.

This month, Balochistan Speaker Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo had lashed out at Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal, saying that Jam Kamal had been interfering in his constituency for three years, so he remained silent so as not to harm the party and his government. Considered a weakness.

Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo said that he remained silent because over time the Chief Minister would improve things but instead of improving the situation day by day, things went awry. He said that he would not remain silent now.


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