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From their words .. Written by d. Doctor Abdel Moneim Abdel Mahmoud Al Arabi / United Kingdom

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“The 2019 article was dropped from this site. From the heart, I bring it back as a reminder to the governor of Port Sudan, “Sheikh Turk,” and Mr. “Al-Burhan,” the head of the Transitional Sovereign Council, and his honorable colleagues.

an introduction:

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Distinguished gentlemen, after greetings, I hope that this article reaches you from a citizen whose concern, like many others, is the interest of the homeland and the oppressed citizen who is oppressed everywhere, we do not differentiate between east and west, nor north and south. Unfortunately, what you and your supporters (the drummers of their Hashemite militia) are doing against the homeland and Sudan is not permissible in this uncivilized way (cursing, random, ill-considered and misplaced statements, blocking roads and ports, displaying force against defenseless citizens….etc) and the whole world today is racing to provide citizenship to rule A society of luxury, justice and equality in a transparent democratic atmosphere in which governance, planning, regulating and implementing laws and policies, and even daily communication are almost all on the way to being electronic. (A computer that addresses you, interacts with you, corresponds with you, responds to your messages, and cameras from which you see following you and what you do not see, but sees you and records its observations about you. Ensuring the implementation of laws and policies and limiting the interference of corrupt hands, whether from reckless investors or complicit citizens.. This article, which was published at the beginning of the launch of this glorious revolution, has unfortunately been dropped from this site and it has been republished here because it contains a reminder to the Sheikh that he left what he had raised of the problems it had raised. Our people in eastern Sudan are as old as the presidents mentioned in this article (Where was he silent all those years?). The article also includes in its conclusion a heartfelt appeal to the current partner military to believe, be humble, and not be reckless, and that their strength is the strength of the nation and ensuring the preservation of its soil and the security of its citizens “not their enslavement.” Returning to the truth is a virtue, Hazrat Sheikh and Honorable Burhan. By God, wake up and know that you are facing the responsibility of the fate of those who are more than forty million on the land of the country, twenty percent of them or more are refugees (eight million) and are facing mining and agricultural pirates and what they call investors such as Al-Rajhi and others, and spontaneous dealing with Neighbors do not help. God has judged wisdom, wisdom and prudence. Otherwise, resigning from responsibility is permissible, but becomes a fateful duty that must be recognized and fulfilled. This is the standard of strength and courage when problems escalate and solutions are implemented. God help, Sudan needs a new reform in everything that comes from bright minds that understand, think, study and plan after adopting positive results from scientific research. The citizen is in fact the one who has been stricken all his life with burning embers under his feet (for decades of failure and confusion) and every new year its temperature increases. Unfortunately, we have nothing but to recite Al-Fatihah for your soul, O homeland.

Abd Almonem

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Among their sayings: “Judge us by our deeds”: Ibrahim Abboud.. “Judgment does not defeat us”: Omar Al-Bashir.. “Brexit is his, he does not defeat me”: Theresa May … Written by: Dr. Doctor Abdel Moneim Abdel Mahmoud Al Arabi

Posted in Sudanil on 05-30-2019

Dr.. Doctor Abdel Moneim Abdel Mahmoud Al Arabi/ United Kingdom

It is difficult to compare these three rulers with each other and put them in one hand due to the difference in the environment and culture of their upbringing and the level of education and education for each of them, as well as the presence of the type of governance system that is unique to each country. Aboud and Al-Bashir are military personnel who graduated from military schools (two years, no more, after completing secondary education in Sudan, and Abboud from Gordon College). They worked in the Sudanese army and progressed until each of them became president of Sudan after a coup they carried out against legitimate and democratic governments. The hot political atmosphere in Britain these days as well as in Sudan made me write this thought

Ibrahim Abboud was characterized by kindness and protection of the tongue from obscene speech in addressing his audience, and he found an official and popular welcome beyond belief, especially when he visited both the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Britain. President John F. Kennedy described it as an honor for America to celebrate the visit of an eminent friend from a country of great stature and history, and they look forward to strengthening the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. One of the stories I heard during a session with distinguished Sudanese is that Jacqueline Kennedy was asked which visiting presidents you reminded him of left a unique trace of him after his visit to the White House? She said, “The Sudanese Ibrahim Abboud. He is the only president who, when Kennedy asked him what kind of help he could hope for, that America could give him? He replied: We only came to seek your friendship and the friendship of peoples. Thus, Aboud was wise, and despite the failures that occurred during his reign, a tangible (albeit limited) renaissance took place at the local developmental level and at the global political level. Abboud’s military regime fell despite his possession of weapons at the hands of the rebellious people in October 1964 and he died later while he was an old man in the pension, as poor as any Sudanese citizen, leaving behind his sons only state employees (the engineer and the doctor) like the general other sons of Sudan without preference or possession of wealth taken on them. May God have mercy on Ibrahim Abboud

Mr. Omar al-Bashir is long-lived, and he does not need to be defined because, unfortunately, his negative fame during a thirty-year rule has crossed the borders of countries and continents, and even the children and youth who were born after his coup against democratic rule in 1989 became aware of every little thing about his person, his upbringing, his family, and what he had after he was Does not have a. It can only be compared to Abboud and Theresa May in one case, which is “Failure to rule and fall despite possessing the power of arms.” Al-Bashir never believed his people, as he used to count that state and the other and the city and the other in every visit to the so-and-so project, and the same vow is repeated when the visit is repeated after a year or two or more, it does not matter as long as the visit ends with “Carba” and enthusiastic songs that require “Al-Battan” among some tribes of Sudan To this day, the city of Port Sudan, as an example of repeating the same bright promises, has been waiting for more than ten years for the realization of the great dream and promises to enjoy drinking sweet water that reaches it directly from the Nile River. In addition, he often declares that he will not apply for government again, and in his party conference before the nomination that was granted to him by his ruling party four years ago, he retracted the decision not to run for office, saying, “I accepted the responsibility and the ruling did not defeat us.” It is true that the rule does not prevail by imposing the force of arms to those who possess it and the tyranny of those who buy themselves at a cheap price, but its immediate or future inevitable result will be failure, corruption and the suffering of most honorable citizens and favoritism for the hypocrites of the ruler and his officials for fear of the oppression of the regime. And the abundance of diseases, even psychological, and the spread of strange social behaviors such as drugs, crimes and sexual perversions. Also, violence of its various types is frequent, verbally, beating, arresting, attacking homes, violating honor and stealing money. The strange thing in the matter is that Omar al-Bashir has claimed that his rule is for God and they came to the religion as a sacrifice, but he forgot to apply that to himself first, and he addresses at every meeting his skinny toiling masses and the presidential staff does not leave him, waving right and left over their heads in submission. He did not apply what was stated in the noble verse: “By God’s mercy, you are gentle with them, and if you were harsh and hard-hearted, they would have dispersed from around you, so pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. If you resolve, then trust in God that God loves those who trust” (Al Imran 159). The result was extreme poverty as a result of the corruption that pervaded the country in everything, and as a result of the birth of a strange satanic plant in the midst of society, which like sweeping locusts ate all the green and dry in a country described as the food basket of the world, leaving it like a barren desert. Al-Bashir missed a golden opportunity he had, which was to resign or Muhammad to surrender himself with courage and honor to the Hague Tribunal.

As for Theresa May, she is a British mother and father, born in 1956 and a graduate of Oxford University. She graduated in the Conservative Party from a Member of Parliament and Minister of the Interior until her succession to David Cameron in 2016 after the British vote for Brexit (exiting the European Union). She was proud of her tall stature and her sober language, believing that she was the heroine who could carry out the task of arranging a proper exit from the European Union. She was the second woman after Margaret Thatcher to rule Britain, but the winds came with what ships did not desire. The British economy was shaken strongly and the industry, especially vehicles and general trade, was affected, as Honda would finish manufacturing its cars in England in 2022, and about 3,500 workers and engineers would lose their jobs, and the British car industry, especially Jaguar and Land Rover, would be affected. Many world-famous stores and commercial companies have also announced the complete liquidation or reduction of their businesses, such as House Overizer, Maplin, Marks and Spencer, and even the ancient Boots and Debenham, threatening to reduce their branches, thus increasing food prices, water, electricity, gas and house taxes, and the value of the royal currency. As for the exit from the European Union, Theresa May has completely failed to this moment to succeed in the exit process to the satisfaction of the citizens, and the result was the pressure she was subjected to severely to resign from the presidency, otherwise Parliament will withdraw confidence in her. Thus, yes, justice and fairness, respect for opinion and the other opinion, and yes, the power of Parliament in a superpower ruled and controlled by the force and frankness of democracy without a trace of the hegemony of the force of arms, despite what the United Kingdom enjoys from the strength of a brutal army and lethal nuclear weapons!

Differences between the dissolved parliament of Sudan and Britain’s parliament. The world and history we learn from them that this is how the end of everyone who thinks he is strong and mighty will not be defeated, the greatness is for God alone, and every pharaoh dominates his people, his destiny is demise. The patient and patient youth and above all the interest of the country and to make their relationship with neighboring countries one of friendship and transparent cooperation from which neither the homeland nor the citizen will be harmed, and the door of any foreign interference in the politics and internal affairs of the country is closed. They have to pay attention and acknowledge that life has diverse interests and differs in specializations that are required by each institution and stage, and politics are among the disciplines that need, as in medicine, to be managed by those who specialize in it and know its paths and arts. The Sudanese, praise be to God, among them are many men who are faithful to the interest of their country and the way to build its new future, God willing, to be a proud nation above the importance of all nations.

May God protect Sudan from all hostility and disease, and every year and you are all fine, and a new era awaits. We hope from the bottom of the heart, all honest, “freedom, peace, justice,” development, stability and reconciliation. Eid Mubarak

Abd Almonem

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