Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Water Quick Purification Magic Pill, Amazing Invention –

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AUSTIN, Texas: Amazing inventions in the scientific world are often found in our observations, aimed at providing services to humans and improving their health and comfort.

It is a well-known fact that clean drinking water is a major problem around the world and people use different methods to prevent it.

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In view of this situation, scientists have developed a hydrogel cushion that can be consumed at low cost as well as one liter of river water in just one hour.

Of a foreign news agency According to the report Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a new hydrogel tablet that can be used to purify one liter of water per hour.

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River water is not directly drinkable and has to be boiled, graphene filters, chlorine dispensers and other methods are not accessible to every backward population.

Hydrogel does not require energy and costs very little, and once it is ready, it can be put in a pot to kill a large number of bacteria and harmful germs.

The pellet enters the water and emits hydrogen peroxide. This activates the carbon particles and kills the bacteria. According to experts, no harmful substances are produced as by-products in this process.

However, it has been tested on a small scale, but it would be very easy to make a hydrogel pillow on a commercial scale. Then these pills can be molded into all shapes and sizes.

Experts hope that this revolutionary invention can alleviate the shortage of drinking water in the world and thus make clean water accessible to everyone. According to the latest reports, a team of scientists has now begun work on starting its commercial production.


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