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A family has claimed that unidentified gunmen stole money and jewelry

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A family in Kabul claims that unidentified gunmen entered their home on Tuesday afternoon (September 4) and stole their money and jewelry.

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The families say the gunmen who entered their home identified themselves as Taliban.

Noor Gul, the head of the family, has bitter stories about the arrival of unknown gunmen at his home and the attack on his family members.

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He added that on Tuesday afternoon, six militants who identified themselves as Taliban forcibly entered the house and locked all the family members in separate rooms and took the gold from the women. “I was having lunch when suddenly six armed men entered our house and locked us all in separate rooms and took all our money and jewelery with us.”

Nangyali is the eldest son of the family, who was in his room with his wife and children. According to him, the militants stole one million afghanis from them.
He added that this was the money he had collected for the betterment of his children’s future.

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Accordingly, lawyers say that under the law, no one has the right to enter someone’s private home for investigation without a formal document.

“According to the law, no person or persons has the right to search a house without an official court certificate and this is a crime,” said Subhanullah Misbah, deputy head of the Afghan Lawyers Association.

However, the Taliban have denied that any of its members have searched civilians’ homes, adding that some illegal individuals are abusing the Taliban’s name.

Sayed Khosti, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said: “We have announced a general amnesty and will not go to people’s homes because they have used the Taliban’s name. They should be shared with the constituencies.”

Earlier, there were reports that the Taliban were searching the homes of government employees to buy government vehicles.

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