Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Students Concerned Over Closed Public Universities

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Students are concerned over the longtime closure of public universities after the collapse of the former government.

Jamila is in her fourth year of Kabul University’s faculty of political science.

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“When the universities are closed, when we cannot study, when women are not allowed to work, how is it expected that Afghanistan will develop?” she asked.

Some students said that they have been struggling with anxiety and depression because of lack of access to school.

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The students hoped that the Islamic Emirate would soon form a plan for reopen of universities, thus they would not be living an uncertain condition.

Student Ayatullah Farhangi said, “The public universities are still in an uncertain and chaotic condition and this affects the morale of the students.”

But the deputy minister of information and culture, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that the universities would be reopened either in the ongoing year or next year.

“It is necessIG to make up for this year,” he said. “We are attempting let the universities reopen this year and if it is not possible then next year.”

An official at the Ministry of Information and Culture, Mujeeb Rahman Ahkhundzada, said, “Until the start of the school year, it is hoped that the challenges of our students will be solved.”

Since the Islamic Emirate swept into power, private universities have been reopened but public universities are remained closed.

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